Stretch 1: Puerto Williams – Laguna del Salto

Exit Puerto Williams through the motor vehicle road heading west. After about 1 km, you’ll find the “Virgin Square”. Follow the road to the left and head on southwards for 45 minutes, zigzagging around the hills in between forests and swamps. At the end of the road, next to a waterfall and the dam, you’ll find the beginning of the trail.
Follow the trail that enters the forest indicated by Landmark No. 1; which runs parallel to the riverbed, just over the shore. You shouldn’t take the trail that follows the river, nor the one heading east. Go through the woods for ten minutes, until the trail suddenly turns east; reach Landmark No. 2 and head on to the foothill, following it against the steep slope. Exiting the woods there’s Landmark No 3, then follow the trail by observing the guidance beacons, until reaching the lower summit of the Cerro Bandera, where you’ll find the beacon indicating Landmark No. 4. Please be careful not to step on the lower dense, hard and green vegetation.
Set heading 230o and follow the stakes and after a ten minute walk from the lower summit, to you right (westwards) you’ll find the higher summit of the Cerro Bandera; Landmark No. 5, where there’s a big Chilean flag, which gives the name to the hill. Without climbing towards Landmark No. 5, set heading 180º and follow the trail, which is marked at some points by rock landmarks, passing the next slope through the left.
Onwards you’ll find Landmark No. 6, which highlights a small river-crossing, from where you must take 230o heading following the rock landmarks. For an hour and a half go along the foothill, taking care of considering a projected imaginary track, closer to the forest line more than the hilltop line. Along this path you’ll find Landmarks No. 7 and No. 8, properly indicated by its guidance beacons.
The hillside route will take you above the Laguna del Salto, corresponding to Landmark No. 9, where, if the weather allows it, you’ll have a beautiful view of the great mountain range which composes Dientes de Navarino. From there you’ll have to turn right and descend along a steep slope towards the lagoon, where you’ll find Landmark No. 10, about 40 m from the shore of Laguna del Salto.
In this same area you’ll find the first constructed lookout, where you’ll be able to rest and enjoy the magnificent views, in order to continue bordering the lagoon until reaching the camping areas, located on the opposite riverbank, close to Landmark No. 11.

Source: Rutas Patrimoniales

Stretch 1 Altitude Profile. Image: Rutas Patrimoniales


No. Location Coordinates UTM WGS84 Zone 19S Altitude (masl) Distance Traveled
1 Waterfall, entrance into the woods. 587105.60 m E / 3910081.93 m S 92 m 0 m
2 In the woods, 10mn from Landmark No. 1. 586912.97 m E / 3909729.49 m S 132 m 440 m
3 On the rise toward Cerro Bandera, when exiting the forest. 587360.00 m E / 3908996.99 m S 464 m 1352 m
4 Cerro Bandera lower summit. 587520.78 m E / 3908704.74 m S 588 m 1834 m
5 Cerro Bandera higher summit. 587267.83 m E / 3908542.71 m S 596 m 2795 m
6 Crossing the river with no name (the only one in the area). 586643.84 m E / 3907408.33 m S 674 m 3182 m
7 In the hillside. 585891.13 m E / 3907222.47 m S 504 m 4872 m
8 At the hillside, about 20 m over the forest and up to the Laguna Palachinque peninsula. 584973.12 m E / 3906082.38 m S 625 m 5718 m
9 Above the Laguna Del Salto. 584790.45 m E / 3905562.69 m S 610 m 6239 m
10 Laguna del Salto about 40 m from the shore, northeastern bank. 584585.51 m E / 3905555.44 m S 492 m 6476 m

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