Stretch 2: Laguna del Salto – Laguna Escondida

To begin this stretch you must skirt the Laguna del Salto through the left (east). At the south shore of the lagoon, you’ll see a rocky ridge falling directly over the shore, finding on its base several rocks with accumulated water. This is Landmark No. 11, properly signaled with its guidance beacon.
You must start climbing before the ridge, immediately to the left of the landmark following the closest stream, which runs through a very steep gorge. Continue along the gorge until getting over the ridge top. Then turn left (east) and follow the natural course of a tortuous small valley, which projects itself until a broad plain, where you’ll find Landmark No. 12. You’ll have to cross the river and climb to the right along a long knoll covered in grass and peat, originated at the center of the plain. Once there, follow the crest of the hill until reaching a small rocky pass, known as “Paso Primero”, from where a stream comes down.
Near this point you’ll find suitable camping sites. After “Paso Primero”, follow the stream until reaching the entry of the higher valley, where you’ll find a beacon indica- ting Landmark No. 13. At this point it is common to find snow, even in summertime.
Follow the valley towards the left (east) heading 140º, until reaching the second pass, known as “Paso Australia”, corresponding to Landmark No. 14, marked with its respective guidance beacon. This is one of the highest points in the whole circuit, at an altitude of 776 MASL. You must follow along the right side of the lagoon located beneath the “Paso Australia”, known as Laguna del Paso. Avoiding reaching down to it, follow the trail along the mid hillside heading 110º.
This part is very dangerous, especially with wet terrain or snow shelves, so extreme caution is advised. You must project an imaginary track taking care of keeping the markings always in sight. This way you’ll finally reach Landmark No. 15 “Paso de Los Dientes” (the Teeth Pass) which looks south. Go down the valley, which opens to the other side of the pass, going to the left of the lagoons, the biggest of them known as Laguna del Picacho. On the south shore of the third lagoon you’ll find Landmark No. 16. To continue, turn right heading 240º, keep on until Laguna de los Dientes, where on its eastern shore you’ll find Landmark No. 17, marked by a guidance beacon, over a stone cairn. In this area you’ll find proper camping sites.
The lagoon is named this way because on its northern shore, part of the Dientes de Navarino appear on its full splendor. To continue keep bordering the lagoon along its north side until reaching its western bank, where you’ll find Landmark No. 18, until where a valley opens to the right. You must follow this valley heading 290º, until reaching Laguna Escondida, where on its eastern shore you’ll find Landmark No. 19. Between this landmark and No. 20, you’ll also find suitable camping sites.

Source: Rutas Patrimoniales

Stretch 2 Altitute Profile. Image: Rutas Patrimoniales


No. Location Coordinates UTM WGS84 Zone 19S Altitude (masl) Distance Traveled
11 Southern bank of Laguna del Salto. 584350.35 m E / 3905303.87 m S 538 m 6786 m
12 Begining of the ascent to “Paso Primero”. 584376.89 m E / 3905013.97 m S 605 m 7184 m
13 Exit from “Paso Primero”. 584496.63 m E / 3904577.61 m S 709 m 7694 m
14 Paso Australia. 584839.16 m E / 3904081.37 m S 776 m 8256 m
15 Paso de los Dientes. 585473.42 m E / 3903791.02 m S 743 m 9073 m
16 At the end of the downhill following the “Paso de Los Dientes”, after the third lagoon. 585518.44 m E / 3902465.57 m S 575 m 10438 m
17 Laguna de Los Dientes, eastern border, a few meters from the shore. 584643.59 m E / 3902537.88 m S 509 m 11586 m
18 Entry to the valley taking to Laguna Escondida. 583964.61 m E / 3902483.89 m S 545 m 12367 m
19 Laguna Escondida, near the east shore. 583274.76 m E / 3902875.25 m S 552 m 13139 m

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