Stretch 3: Laguna Escondida – Laguna Martillo

This stretch begins by bordering the Laguna Escondida around the left side, heading south; then follow the river for a short extent. After a short distance, reaching Landmark No. 20, enter the valley that opens to the right, heading 210º, from there you’ll be able to see the “Paso Ventarrón” (Gale Pass) and you’ll have to project an imaginary course leaning towards the north side; then cross the forest and continue on to the end of the valley. To the left, at the foothill of the “Paso Ventarrón” you’ll find Landmark No. 21. From there you’ll be facing a short and steep slope that’ll take you to the pass, corresponding to Landmark No. 22. Once there, do not go down or towards the hillside, but continue climbing to the right side, heading west for about ten minutes before heading down towards the valley. You must follow the right side of the valley until reaching the base of the second pass in this stretch, the “Paso Guerrico”, corresponding to Landmark No. 23 and properly marked.
Go up a short and steep hillside heading 230º, head on through the middle of a small forest growing between big rocks, until reaching “Paso Guerrico”, where you’ll see a lagoon called “Hermosa”, Landmark No. 24. Between Landmarks No. 23 and No. 25 you’ll find some suitable camp site alternatives. In order to continue you must border the Laguna Hermosa around its left side until finding its outfall, reaching Landmark No. 25. Go on heading north, zigzagging the fo- rest, until reaching Laguna Martillo. On it’s southernmost end, near the shore and next to a small beaver dam, you’ll find Landmark No. 26, where there are several camping sites.

Source: Rutas Patrimoniales

Stretch 3 Altitude Profile. Image: Rutas Patrimoniales


No. Location Coordinates UTM WGS84 Zone 19S Altitude (masl) Distance Traveled
20 South of Laguna Escondida. 583169.54 m E / 3902376.32 m S 547 m 13720 m
21 At the base of “Paso Ventarrón”. 582036.08 m E / 3902297.08 m S 590 m 14945 m
22 Paso Ventarrón. 581637.12 m E / 3902229.75 m S 716 m 15528 m
23 At the base of “Paso Guerrico”. 580155.65 m E / 3902999.03 m S 512 m 17462 m
24 Paso Guerrico. 579777.79 m E / 3902972.40 m S 546 m 17886 m
25 Northwest shore of Laguna Hermosa, after crossing the river that drains it. 579495.79 m E / 3903300.21 m S 529 m
26 South bank of Laguna Martillo, near its shore, next to a small b eaver dam. 579244.06 m E / 3903894.60 m S 459 m 19271 m

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