Stretch 4: Laguna Martillo – Laguna Los Guanacos

Exiting from the southeastern shore of Laguna Martillo (Landmark No. 26), it’s necessary to border it through the right until reaching the peninsula which divides the lagoon’s main water body from its northwestern end. Form this point, where you’ll find Landmark No. 27, go up to the right cutting through the peninsula heading north. Once back at the Laguna Martillo shore, you’ll find the guidance beacon indicating Landmark No. 28 and you must keep bordering the lagoon WITHOUT going up to the right, until you rich its outfall, where you’ll find Landmark No. 29. From there, set heading 330o towards a white rock distinguishable from a distance over a hilltop.
When reaching this rock you’ll find Landmark No. 30 and must continue the same heading (330º), later contouring the small and thin Laguna Rocallosa around its right shore. Next to the water you’ll find piles of big rock which you’ll have to go through.
Heading on, after the Laguna Rocallosa, you’ll reach a big white rock and next to it, in-between the peatlands, there’s Landmark No. 31. From nearby you’ll be able to see towards the northwards the “Paso Virginia”. This is a good place to anticipate the uphill path towards the pass: from here trace your heading with an imaginary line; this line must join a small clearing in the lower woods, with the top of a small naked cliff, then another clearing on the higher part of the forest and finally the base of the pass, which stands out for a depression on the top ridgeline.
To reach the first forest clearing from Landmark No. 31, head on passing to the right of the next lagoon, until reaching Landmark No. 32. There you must turn right on a small clearing within the woods and go up a straight line until reaching the alredy mentioned small naked cliff. Go up over it leaning towards the left, this way reaching a stream located on the lower part of the “Paso Virginia”, where Landmark No. 33 is located. From here head on course 30º, passing along the right side of the stream, then follow up between the small lagoons which sometimes build up, until reaching the pass itself, corresponding to Landmark No. 34.
At this point you’ll have some beautiful panoramic views of Laguna Los Guanacos and if you look north, you’ll find again the Beagle Channel. Be careful not to step too close to the edge, given that it’s an unstable ledge of snow and rock, hanging over a 300 m high precipice.
Besides, in all this area it’s very frequent to experience violent and unexpected wind gusts, which may destabilize you and drag you downhill, so proceed with caution.
From Landmark No. 34, turn right and follow on a short stretch going around the ledge, then take the foothill to the left, which conducts towards a group of black protruding stones. Carefully follow the trail across the foothill, considering you’ll be crossing a very pronounced slope. Then, turn left and go down the steep slope until reaching the vicinity of the Laguna Los Guanacos. Follow the Guanaco trail on the west bank until its outfall, where you’ll find Landmark No. 35.
At this point you’ll also find the third and last constructed lookout, right next to an Interpretation Table, containing information regarding the interesting presence of guanacos in Navarino Island and this sector in particular. From the Laguna Los Guanacos outfall to the left of the river, initially head away from it to go through the grassland and then, approaching towards it to continue towards the woods. Exiting the woods, you must go down a ravine, following a creek until reaching the Laguna Los Guanacos, where you’ll find Landmark No. 36. Between Landmarks No. 35 and No. 36 you’ll find suitable camping sites.

Source: Rutas Patrimoniales

Stretch 4 Altitude Profile. Image: Rutas Patrimoniales


No. Location Coordinates UTM WGS84 Zone 19S Altitude (masl) Distance Traveled
27 Laguna Martillo: eastern bank. 578494.33 m E / 3904553.39 m S 459 m 20413 m
28 Laguna Martillo: east shore, after the peninsula. 578245.48 m E / 3904958.44 m S 466 m 20884 m
29 Laguna Martillo, outfall, northwestern bank. 578017.70 m E / 3905107.11 m S 449 m 21218 m
30 Valle Guerrico, to the east of Laguna Zeta. 577572.35 m E / 3905994.15 m S 420 m 22309 m
31 Guerrico Valley: after a small lagoon with an island, para llel to the “Paso Virginia”. 577276.36 m E / 3906644.83 m S 442 m 23068 m
32 Valle Guerrico, después de una lagunita con una isla, a la altura del paso Virginia. 577036.55 m E / 3907216.62 m S 407 m 23834 m
33 Lower part of “Paso Virginia”. 577123.23 m E / 3908161.19 m S 689 m 24917 m
34 Paso Virginia. 578252.25 m E / 3908642.49 m S 844 m 26319 m
35 Laguna los Guanacos (outlet). 579219.26 m E / 3909727.40 m S 554 m 28139 m
36 Laguna los Guanacos, southwest shore. 579358.07 m E / 3909969.81 m S 502 m 28840 m

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