Stretch 5: Laguna Los Guanacos – Puerto Williams

From Landmark No. 36, you must border Laguna los Guanacos along its right side; just before reaching its outfall, turn towards the woods. Continue here, going down to a plain with a lagoon in the middle. Border the lagoon along its right side approximately until the middle of it, then look again towards the right for the trail which penetrates a forest damaged by beavers. Then you must cross the high forest and from there, the trails head north and follows the hillside to the right of the valley going down until it ends, where you’ll find Landmark No. 37.
Later on, you will skirt several beaver lagoons and go through some forest patches, located at the base of a rocky cliff. Then, at the beginning of the spring covered by grass and Calafate clumps, directed towards the Beagle Channel, you’ll find the Route’s last guidance beacon, marking Landmark No. 38. A little bit further on you’ll also find the last interpretation table, explaining the panoramic view you’ll have from that point of the Beagle Channel. You have reached the end of the Route, as you start saying goodbye to the imposing mountain ranges through which you went through these last five stretches. From there on, head down by zigzagging the Calafate clumps and towards the coastline and the visible structures of the McLean fishery. When reaching the fishery installations, follow the motor vehicle road towards the east for 8 km; in two hours you should be back in Puerto Williams.

Source: Rutas Patrimoniales

Stretch 5 Altitude Profile. Image: Rutas Patrimoniales


No. Location Coordinates UTM WGS84 Zone 19S Altitude (masl) Distance Traveled
37 Above the McLean fishery, coming out of the woods. 580902.90 m E / 3910376.28 m S 322 m 30252 m
38 Above the MacLean fishery. 581381.70 m E / 3910634.74 m S 271 m 31025 m

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